How to adjust the detail of a terrain mesh

When creating a terrain using the default values, the result might not allow you to see in detail the slope and irregularities of the terrain.

For best results the user can change the generation parameters by editing the terrain. The user can edit the terrain directly using the edit panel, or by selecting it, right-clicking and then clicking on the “Edit…” option in the context menu.

The editing is carried out using the following dialog box:

Lands has two computational algorithms for its generation. In both cases, one may specify the resolution of the mesh that will be placed above the contour lines.

The resolution is specified by giving values to the cell sizes in the X and Y coordinates. The smaller the cell size, the greater the number of cells will be used to generate the terrain.

We must be cautious, however, for very small cell values can slow down the generation of the terrain, and besides, there comes a time when more representation detail ceases because not enough topographic information is available to allow changes in the slope run in consecutive cells. The latter occurs when the cell size is considerably less than the minimum distance between contour lines.

Therefore, the best way to adjust the detail of a terrain is to start with large cell values, e.g. 20 meters, and lessen the values until the quality-speed value becomes optimal.