Saving and Deleting Animations
The animations in Lands can be saved in the DWG file in order to retrieve the animation parameters values in the future. This allows to save the information from one work session to another.

As many animations can be saved in one DWG file as desired and thus multiple animations for one project can be created and used. You can set one of these as the current animation to work with, render, etc. at any time.

The storage and recovery management of animations in the DWG file can be performed using the controls located under the playback controls:

To save an animation name it by typing in the name in the box to the left. Naming the animation is also necessary for rendering because its name will be given to the resulting AVI file.

Once it is named, the user can save the animation in the DWG file by clicking on the Save button. The animation will be saved and will become immediately available in the drop-down list along with the rest of the animations saved in the DWG file. If the user clicks on the Save button using the name of an existing animation file in the DWG, the program will request confirmation before overwriting.

To set a previously saved animation as the current animation, simply select the animation from the list of saved animations. To display the list, click on the button to the right of the box next to the animation name.

Lastly, the user can delete an existing animation. To do this, first select the animation to set it as the current animation, and then click the button with the delete icon located on the right. The animation is deleted from the DWG file; however, its values will remain loaded in the current animation.
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