Animations and Virtual Tours
It is often more interesting to present a virtual tour of the projected landscape rather than a static image that shows only one point of view. The immersion achieved through the movement of the camera, especially when using a photorealistic rendering, allows you to visualise the result much more accurately.

The animation is also useful to perform studies on the sun movement across the landscape, including simulating vegetation changes over the years or over the seasons.

To facilitate the task of taking a virtual tour or obtaining other types of animations of the landscape, Lands includes a component to create, play and render animations. It can be accessed through Lands edit panel and is found in a different tab, separate from Lands editing features.

The animation panel is divided into three parts. The playback controls (play / stop / pause) are at the top, the controls to set the current animation parameters are in the centre, and the rendering controls are at the bottom.

Typically, the user starts editing the animation parameters and testing them using the playback controls, which show the result in the AutoCAD view. When the result is satisfactory, the user names the animation and saves the animation within the DWG file in order to recover it in the future and/ or render the animation in an AVI file.
Topics in this section:
  • Animation Parameters
  • Saving and Deleting Animations
  • Playback Controls
  • Animation Render
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