Landscape Design Software for AutoCAD

Lands Design is a complete solution for landscape design and landscaping projects which incorporates, within the AutoCAD environment, the features required to develop a landscaping project in all its phases: from the technical 2D plan, to generating real images and 3D virtual tours throughout the garden or green area design.

Lands Design streamline the CAD design processes, such as preparing the planting layout plan, generating documentation tables, preparing dimension plans, creating 3D elements, generating the terrain, designing the automatic sprinkler systems, the plant database, etc. Without the specific tool, this work can become laborious and require a greater amount of time to be developed.

Lands Design is ideal for landscape architects, urban planners, town council technicians, constructors, designers and draftsmen, environment departments, nurserymen, gardeners…

Lands Design 5 for AutoCAD 2019

This new version is fully integrated within the latest AutoCAD, versions from 2013 to 2019, and includes:

  • A database with more than 1.800 plant species
  • Around 500 plant drawings (2D and 3D) in DWG format
  • Realistic plants generated in real time, a plant editor and an extensive starting plant definition library
  • Vegetation and civil work objects, terrain modeling, urban furniture block library
  • Automatic documentation, watering tools…
  • A fast and intuitive user interface
  • Walk mode, animations, and much more

To get photorealistic images the AutoCAD render can be used or, for even a better result, the rendering plug-in nXtRender.

Online Demo

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Evaluation Version

Lands Design is distributed based on the “try-before-you-buy” policy. This means that you can download it for free, try it during 30 days, and make sure it works for you before you make a purchase decision.

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