Lands Design nXt

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Lands Design nXt is a complete solution for landscape design and landscaping projects. This 2D and 3D landscape design software constitutes an evolved application which incorporates, within an AutoCAD environment, the features required to develop a landscaping project in all its phases: from the technical 2D plan, to generating real images and 3D virtual tours throughout the garden or green area design.

Lands Design nXt has all the same features and commands that Lands Design has but also includes nXtRender, a rendering plug-in to create photorealistic images and presentations of projects.

The successor to Lands Studio, Lands Design nXt incorporates new tools that improve previous versions: features for the drip irrigation design, exporting lists to Excel and html, improvements and supports in the commands used to manipulate the terrain, the incorporation of new commands for the documentation of the project, a new rendering module for better results in infographics, improved user interface with a dockable editing panel, features for creating animations and virtual tours, etc.

This new version is fully integrated within the latest AutoCAD versions, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Lands Design nXt includes:

  • All Lands Design features and commands
  • A database with more than 1.800 plants
  • Around 500 plant drawings (2D and 3D) in DWG format
  • A urban furniture block library
  • A fast and intuitive user interface
  • More than 80 specific commands to extend AutoCAD capabilities
  • More than 200 AccuRender nXt plant files
  • An advanced plant editor
  • nXtRender